Thursday, January 22, 2009

What "Drives" Me Crazy

You know what "Drives" me crazy? People who are backseat drivers. "Its green" "Your clear" "slow down", I've had my License since I was 16 and now just a few months from my 21st birthday I believe I know how to drive thanks you very much, I've only ever been in trouble one time and I will admit it was stupid, and only in one wreck if you don't include the time I got hit head on going through a green light. now correct me if I'm wrong but in Texas at least the rule goes Green light at a four way stop, driver turning to their right looks and goes, turning left yields to oncoming and then goes NOT TURNS LEFT INTO TRAFFIC.... into me.... my bumper was already messed up from when I rear ending that one lady, to Mrs. Barber I Hope you're back is feeling better.
You know I was telling Amber today about this and felt like it needed to be my first post to really get this thing going. I've been pretty lazy about it lol. and this has been on my mind for a few days now. well I'm sick and don't feel to hot right now so I'm going to go Relax. check back for more post from me soon ^^